At the recent EMEP TFMM meeting (Bologna, 2014) Belarus expressed its willingness to participate in the EMEP country-specific case study on a complex assessment of heavy metal pollution in the EMEP countries. Joint work started in autumn 2014. Experts from Belarus presented detailed information about national emissions of lead, including total values, atmospheric releases from different source categories and from large point sources. Spatial resolution of the emission data is 10x10 km2. Besides, measurement data on concentrations of lead in air from background monitoring station and from urban sites in 19 cities were presented by experts from Belarus. Currently preparation of meteorological data for 2012 and geophysical information for model calculations of pollution levels is carried out by MSC-E. Preparation of initial data and preliminary results on lead pollution levels in Belarus in 2012 and analysis of the results carried out jointly by MSC-E and national experts from Belarus were demonstrated at the TFMM meeting in Krakow.

Possible country-specific output information for Belarus includes the following items:

  • Spatial distribution of pollution levels with fine spatial resolution
  • Contributions to pollution levels from emission source categories
  • Pollution levels caused large point sources and cities
  • Information about transboundary transport for Belarus as well as between regions of the country with fine spatial resolution
  • Local and background components of pollution levels in main cities


Anthropogenic emissions of lead in Belarus in 2012